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Huy’s Sandwiches

The #9 Grilled Pork

The Reviews:


I’d read about Huy’s on a couple of sites and was anxious to give it a try.  I have limited experience with Vietnamese food, but I’ve really enjoyed what I have tried.  At Huy’s prices, I should have gotten one of everything to sample, but I settled on just two sandwiches.  I had the #1, which is the head cheese (another first for me), ham, steamed pork and pate’ combination and the grilled beef (#14).  I wound up finishing off all of the grilled beef and about half of the combination.  The sandwiches were good, but I expected a little more punch from some of the flavors.  The grilled beef was reminiscent of bulgogi to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The french bread was just about perfect with a crusty exterior and a soft middle.  The vegetables on top were fresh and crisp, but the sandwich could have used just a little more cilantro.

The combination sandwich was a little disappointing.  If all head cheese tastes like this you can sign me up for the fanclub, but the pate’ threw the sandwich into a tailspin.  It left sort of a muddy taste in my mouth.  When I pulled the individual meats and veggies off, they were all pretty good.  The head cheese had a nice garlicky taste that I liked a lot.  Pepper looked at me like I’d lost my mind when I told her that.  She tired the grilled beef, but she drew a line in the sand on this one.

If we lived closer, I think this place would be a once every couple of weeks destination.  There are some negatives, such as no interior seating or bathrooms.  I guess not having these things helps keep overhead down and allows them to sell sandwiches for $2.50.  All in all, anytime you can leave a restaurant with 3 large sandwiches and a drink for less than $10, you have to call that a win.


So, yeah, I had a pretty bad head cold at this point in the weekend and at Skillet’s insistence, I had taken some Sudafed. I don’t really do well taking meds and had already taken one nap (I took another right after we ate here) and was still feeling really groggy by the time we rolled up to the place late afternoon. This review will pretty much reflect that feeling in that I remember I ordered, I paid, I ate and was pretty blah about the whole experience. Probably due to being out of it.

But you didn’t come here to read about my state of being, so I will get on with it. Sort of. What can I say? A sandwich packed with meat and veggies for only $2.50. For the price you really cannot beat it. I had the grilled pork (#9) and thought overall it was pretty tasty. (Descriptive, huh?) The meat was tender and the bread and veggies tasted really fresh. It could have used a little more cilantro or something as it just didn’t completely wow me like I was expecting. The bites I had with the cilantro and the meat were outstanding, but few and far between. Anyway, bottom line if you are in the area, you should really try it. But, that being said, I don’t think I would go out of my way to come here.Or maybe it was awesome and I was just out of it. How about this? Just forget you read this and stick to Skillet’s review, but take out the part about pate and headcheese. Oh, oh, and we ate outside. I remember eating outside…. yeah, just read Skillet’s…

The Rundown:

Huy’s Sandwiches
6100 Live Oak Pkwy
Norcross, GA 30093

Huy’s Sandwiches is a small Vietnamese sandwich shop with insanely low prices (and insanely bright colored rice). There is no seating inside and only two tables out on the sidewalk up front.

Type of Food: Vietnamese Sandwiches (Menu)
Portions: Just Right
Service: Getting the Full 20% (FYI, this is just a counter service place)
Location: Didn’t scare Pepper (Although Skillet was actually nervous here)
Acceptable Dress: Flip Flops
Bathrooms: N/A
Cost: $9.80 (with tax)
Afforkable Rating: Might Give It Another Chance

Huy's Sandwich on Urbanspoon


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